Artworks of Students Majoring in Glass Design are on


Edited BY:Li Shiyu



Students who majored in glass design at CAA’s Department of Crafts are currently exhibiting their work at the academy’s graduation exhibition. Following years of hard work, the students are now experts in their field.In order to make sure the students had the best possible education, CAA set up several professional workshops for students to learn how to make glass, including a glass foundry workshop, blowing workshop and cold processing workshop. Here are some examples of work by this year’s graduates:

也许(Maybe)| 何珩嘉(He Hangjia)

恶循环(Vicious Circle)| 黄婷(Huang Ting)

一点都不酷(It’s Not Cool)| 胡紫云(Hu Ziyun)

拥抱(Hug)| 高卉(Gao Hui)